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About Us

Your Coptic Family (YCF) is an organisation which began in late 2014, under the guidance of H.G. Bishops Daniel (Bishop of Sydney and Affiliated Regions) and H.G. Bishop Paula (Bishop of Tanta and International Relationship Affairs). We cater for families across all of Australia. Our goal is to help our community maintain healthy relationships within the family as well as to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and solutions to life's challenges between families. We do this through regular weekend conferences and one-day retreats for families where children are entertained by professional child minders to give the parents a chance to attend talks by experts in the field, open forums for discussions, and practical activities to strengthen the bond we have with our loved ones, as well as make life-long friendships.

Latest Posts

One-Day Retreat June 2019 – Audio Recordings

Talk 1 – Family Pressures & Challenges in 2019 – HE Arch-Bishop Angaelos

Talk 2 – Preserving a Sacred Marriage – HE Arch-Bishop Angaelos

Talk 3 – Raising Children in the World but not of the World – HE Arch-Bishop Angaelos

Q & A – HE Arch-Bishop Angaelos


Conference January 2019 – Audio Recordings

Talk 1 – Icons – Debbie

Talk 2 – Discipline vs Punishment – Jackie

Talk 3 – Self Care – Saskia

Talk 4 – Conception of Intention (Relationships) – Ireni


Conference January 2018 – Audio Recordings (English)

Talk 1 – A Good Example – English – HG Bishop Paula

Talk 2 – Living a Life of Repentance – English – HG Bishop Paula

Q & A Session 1 – English – HG Bishop Paula

Q & A Session 2 – English – HG Bishop Paula

Workshop 1-4 – Stages of Marriage – English – HG Bishop Paula

Workshop 5-7 – Dealing with Disagreements – English – HG Bishop Paula